7 Things That Will Help You Choose Your Children’s Beddings

7 Things That Will Help You Choose Your Children’s Beddings

By Hannah Obal

7 Things That Will Help You Choose Your Children’s Beddings

When buying beddings for kids, you can’t grab the first vintage floral bed sheets you see on display. Why not? Well, first, it might not be to your kid’s liking. Second, choosing the right beddings for your kids is essential. You can’t just be random about it.

“So what should I get?” you might be asking now. Luckily, we’re here to help you!


What To Consider When Buying Bed Sheets and Beddings for Kids

Like anything you buy for your kids, you need to take the time to think about the beddings you want.

Here are 7 things you need to consider when choosing bed sheets and beddings for the little ones:

Your Kid's Preference in Style

We’re all about cultivating individuality, especially with the young ones! So make sure you ask your kids what they like. Give them the chance to tell you what beddings they want, whether a sports-themed bed sheet or pillow cases with ballerinas on them. Kids have specific tastes that match their personalities. Make sure to let them express that.

If you let your kids join in on choosing the bed sheets, they’ll be much more excited to sleep in their rooms.

If You’re Going With a Certain Theme

Everyone loves a good theme, and no one loves them more than kids! But choosing a theme can be pretty tricky. If you choose a specific theme, ensure your kids’ beddings match it. Also, try to future-proof your theme. You don’t want to do a dinosaur theme to the whole room, including beddings, only to fast forward a year later to your kid wanting animal print bed sheets instead. Go for more general themes and incorporate the beddings into it.

You’ll also want to avoid specific themed or character beddings because they tend to be pricier.

Type of Sheets

Yes, kids can be very picky with the sheets they have on their bed, and rightfully so. Any good parent wants their child to sleep well, so choosing the bed sheets is important. Consider how the sheets will feel on your child’s skin, if they have skin allergies, or if they sweat a lot at night. You’ll have to discern whether you want to get microfiber sheets vs. cotton sheets and other types of sheets.

Going With Comforters or Blankets

Like with types of sheets, you’ll want to figure out if your kids are better off with comforters or blankets. Some kids like something light and soft. Meanwhile, some kids do better with weighted blankets or comforters since it helps them sleep. Some kids even want to use quilts at night. Make sure to feel it out and get to know your child better in terms of their blanket preference to choose the right one.

How Often You’ll Be Washing Them

If your kids tend to get the bedding dirty, you might wash them more frequently. Quality beddings are something you should get then. These will withstand frequent washing better and will also last longer. You’ll also want to make sure your beddings can be machine washed.

Size of the Bed

This is an important one. Of course, you can’t just pick up ANY type of bed sheet and beddings. You have to consider the size of the bed. So ensure you measure the bed correctly and get the right size or the closest one if the exact size isn’t available.

Are You Opting For Waterproof Beddings?

Children soiling the sheets and bedwetting is a common problem that parents face. One way to make the clean-up easier for parents is to get waterproof beddings or mattress protectors. Make sure you specifically ask to get waterproof or water repellant types. If your kids like to bring snacks and drinks to bed, this will also help you.


Final Thoughts

The right bedding will do wonders and give your children a good and restful sleep. So don’t skimp on beddings and make sure you get quality ones that your kids will love.

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