Getting To Know Microfiber Sheets

Getting To Know Microfiber Sheets

By Evalds Jurans

Getting To Know Microfiber Sheets

When buying items for your bed, it’s more than just choosing grey floral bed sheets because you like the design and match your room. Although, the design is still an important factor when shopping, of course. But, the top factor to consider when buying sheets is the type of fabric. Unfortunately, there are many types of fabric available in the market today, and it may be hard for you to find the right one. However, everything depends on your preferences, so it depends on whether a fabric is comfortable, easy to maintain, etc. With that, let’s get to know one of the most common types of bed sheets in this blog, namely microfiber sheets.

What composes microfiber sheets?

Inside microfiber sheets are finely woven fibers. These are usually made from wood pulp, nylon polymers, or polyester. It is a synthetic fabric that is less likely to wrinkle or shrink, unlike all-natural fabrics such as cotton. It is soft, smooth, affordable, and more durable than polyester. Microfiber is also measured through each fiber’s thickness or also called a denier. Only fabrics that have less than one denier in diameter are considered microfiber.

The durability and quality of microfiber also depend on its weave. For instance, flat weave microfibers tend to be more durable, repel moisture, and are resistant to stains. As a result, it’s an overall good item for kids prone to accidents in bed.

The Benefits of Microfiber Sheets

Soft and lightweight

You’ll find plenty of soft microfiber sheet sets when you shop for microfiber sheets. This is because they generally feel soft to touch with a silkier and even slippery texture. They are also thin and lightweight, but you can find a variation depending on grams per square meter (GSM). Unlike cotton sheets, they don’t easily get bunched and tangled in the night.


Microfiber sheets are decidedly more durable than polyester, especially those with a flat weave. In addition, they are better at withstanding frequent washes without wrinkling, deteriorating, shrinking, or pilling. 

Easy to Maintain

Most microfiber sheets are machine washable, so it’s very easy to clean. However, it’s always recommended to read the care label before washing. Moreover, microfiber dries quickly. This means that you can just air dry the sheets outside, which will save you electricity. But, if you prefer a dryer, make sure to check the care label, use low heat only, and include dryer balls in the mix.

Are microfiber sheets for you?

When deciding on a bedsheet, it depends on your preferences. For example, you can buy grey floral bed sheets because you like the design. Or, you can buy a soft microfiber sheet set because it is affordable, durable, and is comfortable. In fact, you’ll find that their price range is around $30, with a few variations depending on the brand you’re buying from.

Microfiber sheets offer plenty of benefits to shoppers. The only challenge is finding the right brand which will provide you with the best quality at the right price. To start shopping for quality microfiber sheets with great prints, visit today!