A Guide to Creating an Aesthetic Bedroom [UPDATED 2022]

A Guide to Creating an Aesthetic Bedroom [UPDATED 2022]

By Hannah Obal

A Guide to Creating an Aesthetic Bedroom [UPDATED 2022]

Your favorite part of the house should be cozy, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing. It should be a place where you can shed off all the burdens that the day has thrown at you. This is the little sanctuary in your home that can offer you a comfortable environment and a haven.

You know what we’re talking about. 

Yes, we are talking about your bedroom. 

If you’re looking at your room and aren’t feeling any of the things we mentioned above, it might be time to transform your space. So dig up those color scheme plans and vintage sheets for beddings! Here are a few tips and ideas to help you transform your room.


Ultimate Tips to Achieve an Aesthetic Bedroom

Start with the Walls

Do not ignore your bedroom walls! Your bedroom walls MAKE up your room and impact its beauty of it. The first step? Choosing a color scheme!

Go with neutral color patterns such as cream or beige. These are the go-to colors for many since they can be calming, and you can do a lot with neutral color patterns. Make your wall colors the basis for everything you choose for your room, such as furniture, bed sheets, curtains, etc.

From there, you can pave the path to creating an awesome bedroom that fits your personality and your aesthetics.


Make Use of Warm Lighting

The next step towards transforming your room is setting up warm lighting. Why warm lighting?

Warm light appears to soothe and assist us in winding down from the day and preparing for sleep as part of our everyday human circadian rhythm.

With that, string lights are an excellent option for warm lighting simply because you can select the colors you want. It can add a magical feeling to your bedroom and level up things. Plus, nice-looking string lights are affordable, and you can easily buy them online.

If you don’t want to get string lights, then opt for changing the bulbs of your lamps to have a warmer glow.


Get the Right Beddings

An essential part of your room is your bed. And what makes your bed are the bed sheets, blankets, and pillowcases you have on there. This is important if you want to have that aesthetic look.

What you’ll want to do, as a standard, is match the beddings with the color scheme of the wall. You don’t have to go with full solid colors for beddings, because you can have fun with what you want. For example, if your walls are a solid color, break the contrast with polka dots bed sheets  and pillows to add a little fun. 

You can also choose from various bed sheets such as floral sheets, plain sheets, and even vintage sheets. Just make sure it’s something you like and that it fits the theme you’re aiming for.


Don’t Forget Your Floors!

So now that we’ve got walls, light, and beddings down, the next focus is the floor. What’s the use of having a nice room but having ugly flooring? Go for nice wooden flooring that matches the color scheme. If wooden floors are too much for your budget, then going for carpets is a great alternative.

A wall-to-wall carpet will warm your space and create a more aesthetic environment. You can also place cushions on the floor to make a cozy space to sit, read, and hang out.


Choose the Right Furniture

Lastly, focus on the furniture and fixtures. A low bed over a shaggy carpet will make a comfy spot. Along with some throw pillows, it becomes a very inviting room. Canopies over the bed can also add to the warm feeling. Other things you can add to the space include table lamps, floor-length lamps, and scented candles

Adding plants to your room is also a great option, along with tapestries and quaint or simple furniture.


Final Thoughts

Now that you have the basics to creating an aesthetic bedroom, go crazy with the specifics! And always remember, go with a style that fits your personality. Do what is comfortable for you as much as possible, and don’t be afraid to experiment, too.

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