3 Myths About Microfiber

3 Myths About Microfiber

By Lori Jurans

3 Myths About Microfiber

While cotton is certainly the most commonly used material for making sheets, cotton isn’t always the most forgiving fabric. High quality microfiber sheets can present a great alternative to cotton for moms looking to save time.

Additionally, because microfiber is a man-made woven fabric, extra elements can be added to increase the durability and breathability of bed sheets. We’re debunking the myths about microfiber using our own sheets as a prime example of the benefits that this fabric can bring to you and your household!

1. Microfiber retains heat.

Our microfiber sheets have a breathable fabric, allowing you to always have a comfortable sleep. The sheets even breathe 50% better than cotton!

2. Microfiber isn’t soft.

Microfiber is measured by the fiber’s thickness. Similar to cotton, microfiber can vary in softness by the denier count, which is a measure of a fiber’s thickness. So while it’s possible to buy rough microfiber sheets, this isn’t much different from the variety of cotton sheets out there. Microfiber can be made with super soft and luxurious fiber, and ours are as soft as 1500 thread count cotton.

3. Microfiber stains easily.

With kids and pets, stains and wrinkles can become the new norm. Luckily, our microfiber sheets use stain and wrinkle resistant technology so that you don’t have to worry about mud prints or spilled grape juice.

Now that you know the potential of microfiber, it’s time to ditch your cotton sheets and upgrade to the best. Are you ready to make the switch?

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