2019 Home Trend Alert!!  We have the inside tip of the century!

2019 Home Trend Alert!! We have the inside tip of the century!

By Lori Jurans

2019 Home Trend Alert!!  We have the inside tip of the century!

I love what we do over here at Where the Polka Dots Roam!  Starting with a blank canvas & allowing our imaginations to run wild with endless possibilities is such a magical & creative adventure for us.  From the tiniest sliver of a new design idea, our team transforms potential concepts into actual tangible products that make their way into homes all over the world. It’s truly a beautiful process to participate in, & we’re always excited about our end results.  Developing new inventory happens to be a fairly lengthy process, however, that requires a lot of research, analysis, fine tuning and of course, resources.  We are always careful to be very intentional about the process. 

One of the aspects of our industry that we consider are the current home trends, as well as future trend predictions.  Obviously, we want to make sure that we are on point with our pantones, scale, themes, and overall vibe.  Around this time every year, we look forward to seeing what the “authorities” in home and fashion trends are declaring as the hottest trends for the upcoming year.  For example, want to scope out what Elle Décor is predicting for 2019?  Check out their awesome spread on what is IN and what is OUT this year: https://www.elledecor.com/design-decorate/trends/g23550602/design-trends-2019/

It’s so exciting to see what’s currently happening in home fashion trends right now.  If you’re a regular Pinterest or Instagram user, then you’re likely “in the know” with the article’s details already! With 24-hour access to images of all things trendy on social media, it’s almost impossible to not be conscious of what is hot and what is not. However, call me jaded, but after checking out the trends for some years now, I’m… well, over it

My kitchen’s a perfect example of how trends change.  We purchased our home just a couple of years ago, and when we toured it for the first time, I instantly fell in love with its quartz countertops and fresh white cabinets.  They looked so appealing and inviting, and were trendy at the time, too!  But did you happen to see what landed squarely on the “out” list for 2019?  You guessed it: quartz countertops… “especially when paired with white cabinetry.” Awesome. Personally, I think Elle, Vogue, and virtually every other home influencer made the wrong call on that one this year.

Don’t get me wrong; I love to keep things as innovative as the next gal, but updating my wardrobe and home décor every year just is not in the cards.  Most of us have only so much time and money to go around, so updating your home’s décor may not make the top of your spending list. 

Should I be admitting this when we are, in fact, a home textiles company? Here’s the thing: I have never known how to be anything but honest, & I expect the same from companies I buy from. That’s why I am telling you, as valued customers, the truth.

The pressure to adhere to the latest trends is constantly in our faces, isn’t it?  Just look at the list of things that are now considered “out” – it seems like only yesterday we were just drooling over those exact trend designs! People were literally draining their savings to keep up with those hot trends just a few months ago.  Those beautiful images were getting tens of thousands of likes, shares and saves on social media, too! Predictably, those very trends have now been declared “out”, only to be instantly replaced by the next round of images of what’s “in” that we are tempted to covet.

This year has already produced a variety of “must-have” new trends and yet, the absolute best of the best in trends was oddly not mentioned.

You may already be aware of it, because you’ve probably always known of its existence- yet no home fashion authority is ever going to confirm it in writing... until now, that is! Well, over here at Where the Polka Dots Roam, we believe that honesty is the best policy, so here it goes!

 Our prediction for THE home trend of 2019 is:

  1. You
  2. Confirm Number 1, and repeat.

You, my dear, are timeless, and so are your décor preferences. There is no “out with the  old” and “in with the new”, because YOU are the constant in your home that cannot be denied!

Over the course of this holiday season, I had the distinct honor of welcoming different families into our home.  I let each family know that their desire to spend a little time under my roof was by far the greatest gift they ever could have given to me & my family.  I am humbled to say that we had three  guests each pay us the highest compliment ever-  they loved coming to our house because it feels like such a “home”.  Wow. Design goals achieved!

“Home” is exactly the look we were going for when we moved into our house just two years ago, with three very small children in tow.  “Home” is not something we can simply pin on Pinterest or “like” on Instagram. “Home” is more than a look; it is a feeling and a vibe that comes from unique & loving layering over time.  When I look around our home, there are so many aspects that contribute to making our space beautiful, but they all have one thing in common – us. My family.  We exist in that space and it is on point precisely because it represents us – quartz countertops with white cabinetry and all!

With all of that in mind, we have some new fun designs that are ready to roll within the next couple of weeks, and I can’t wait to share them with you!  While you may or may not find them “trendy” according to some of the home fashion experts, these unique designs came from our own hearts. We’re confident that you will adore them too, because lovely vibes are always in vogue. 

With love, joy & polka dots,

Lori & the Crew (And Our White Quartz Countertops with Especially White Cabinetry)