Why do we put so much time and thought into decorating our child's room?  For me, it is because I don’t feel like I am decorating my child’s room, but rather creating a space that will embrace their childhood.  I want it to be a space that evokes wonder and imagination.  A space that peeks their curiosity and makes them think for themselves.  Most of all, I want it to be a space that makes them feel safe, loved and capable of dreaming. 

One of the best parts about owning a company that designs textiles is that we are able to use the textile as a canvas to tell a story.  Our World Map duvet cover is by far one of my favorite designs! We commissioned a talented artist to draw a world map full of color, life and historical references.  My only request was that Kentucky and Riga, Latvia hold a special place on the map because they hold a special place in the hearts of our family.

I was born and raised in western Kentucky and my husband was born and raised in Riga, Latvia.  We met in 2001 while in college at Western Kentucky University.  We quickly began dating and knew early on that we were a match, but I was concerned about how we would possibly make it work.  It felt like a bird and a fish falling in love with no certainty of where to make their home.  I give my husband credit for being the one to live in the moment and remind me that our differences were not a negative, but rather an amazing opportunity to make the world our home.

It has not been without sacrifice and some cultural misunderstandings, but after 15 years of consistent back and forth travel across the Atlantic; I am more certain than ever that we are beyond blessed to call these two diverse countries home.  We continue to do everything in our power to teach our children that they are citizens of the world and that they should embrace our differences for what they are - beautiful, mysterious, and the greatest earthly treasure we have to share.  

This map continuously serves as an educational piece for the whole family!   We have come up with several games to play using this map as our inspiration.  And, it doesn't hurt that it is stinking adorable!  I am in love with the fun vibrant colors and the gender neutral design.

To all of our family and friends in Kentucky and Latvia, this is our shout out to you!  You will find a little heart and horseshoe over the center of our beloved state and it is impossible to miss Milda in all her glory as she stands proudly over the Baltics!  This is a love story depicted and now shared with you.  We hope it inspires you to remember your own travel stories and to dream of stories yet to be written.  Good night world. Dream Big! 

Joy & Polka Dots,

Lori & the Crew 

* Click here to learn more about Milda: http://runawayjuno.com/runaway-to/europe/the-symbolism-riga-latvia-milda-freedom-monument/






I just love it! ❤️❤️❤️❤️


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