Tips on how to care for Bed sheets

Tips on how to care for Bed sheets

By Evalds Jurans

Tips on how to care for Bed sheets

Nothing feels good than hopping into your newly made bed and shed off your tiredness from a hard day at work. But unfortunately, if you haven’t freshened yourself, your bed sheet might get stained and full of dirt. Another common practice to ruin the beautifully washed sheets is eating while sitting on the bed. Bits of food and spilled drink can stain your sheet permanently if care is not taken.

It would help if you were careful to avoid ruining your favorite and expensive coral floral sheets. We will discuss various techniques and give you tips on maintaining your sheets as new as ever.

First Step

The first step you need to take is to try not to stain your bed sheet and duvets, etc. But dust and stains are not the only agents you need to take care of; there might be bed mites and allergens that are undoubtedly present in your bedding if you have not washed them often. So, what you can do is try to change the sheets and clean them as often as you can; this will prevent inviting germs to your bedding.

Follow the care instructions.

Before putting your sheets into the washing machine, DO NOT forget to check and read the care instructions that came with your sheets, pillows, blanket, duvets, etc. Every sheet is made from different materials, and they have various requirements for washing, such as some need cold water and others need warm water for washing. It will keep them in good condition, add to their durability, and maintain their color.

If your sheet came with no care instruction, follow the general method. This includes using lukewarm or cool water (neither hot nor cold), setting the washing machine on ‘gentle,’ using less detergent than another laundry.

Use Cleaning Products Wisely

There is a general rule that adds water and detergent first, let them mix thoroughly, and then you can throw sheets in it. But do not use too much detergent. The use of fabric softeners should be avoided, and they are known to break natural fibers of sheets which can reduce their durability. Use of bleach should also be avoided when you are washing colored or grey floral sheets; this will cause discoloration and ruin your favorite sheet.

“A bonus tip for you, it is wise to remove the spots or stains on the sheet before putting them into the washer. Grease spots and cream/lotion can be easily removed by rinsing them off with dishwater. “

Drying of Sheets after Washing

Washing them with care is not enough; drying them is the next essential step. It would help if you took out the sheets from the dryer before they were thoroughly dried and draped them on the drying rack. You can also keep them in the dryer after the cycle completes until it is completely dried. Take them out, iron them properly and store them in a clean place. Cotton sheets should preferably be tumble-dried (you can read the label on sheets for further instruction); this will prevent the fabric from being faded and brittle.