Choosing the Sheets

Choosing the Sheets

By Evalds Jurans

Choosing the Sheets

Bedrooms are always the comfy and warm places for a person to relax and wind down for the day. The most important part of a bedroom is cozy floral sheets that can help you catch much-needed and deep sleep.

Types of Bedsheets

Numerous options are available for bedsheet materials depending on the weather and skin sensitivities. Among them are cotton sheets, linen, polyester, and bamboo sheets; silk, microfiber, and satin sheets are many preferences.

Cotton sheets are most common as they have good features, they are breathable, have a cooling feel, and stains are easy to remove. Moreover, these sheets maintain their durability over time. On the other hand, polyester sheets provide a high level of comfortability as they are much softer compared to cotton. One of the advantages of these sheets is that they are wrinkled free and you need not worry about ironing them.

Good thing for those with allergies, they can choose from the linen sheets. Linen sheets are airy and cool, being made from hypoallergenic material. These sheets are a bit less costly. On the other hand, Silk sheets tend to be much expensive as it is made from silkworms, and the process requires delicate care.

Satin sheets are known to spice up the room with romance; they are soft to touch and alluring. There are two types of satin, i.e., one is woven that is smoother while the other is knitted that is a bit rougher.

We have good news for environmentally friendly friends who tend to prefer ecologically friendly materials, and we have bamboo woven sheets. These sheets are softer than polyester and are wrinkle-free. They tend to last longer and are perfect for people with allergies.

Turn up the Style Quotient

Turn up the style quotient of your bedroom by paying attention to the sheet designs and colors. The colorful sheets add more attraction to your bedroom and play an essential role in interior decoration. These bed sheets also tend to say a lot about your aesthetic sense. Once you have chosen a bedsheet design, the room will make an inviting environment and make you enjoy a sound sleep. Using different colors, patterns, and styles can express your creativity and personality. Vintage floral sheets with a hint of foliage can brighten up your bedroom and create a haven for your comfortable sleep.

Size of bedsheets

The size of the sheet is a crucial aspect to look at. It is not only about the size of your mattress; it involves its thickness too. Standard mattress sizes are queen, king, complete, and standard twin mattresses. At the same time, their thickness levels also vary, such as standard thickness, a deep, and extra deep mattress that range from 7-14 inches, 11-17 inches, and 15-22 inches, respectively. Make sure to pay attention to these details for a perfect fit bed sheet.

In the end, a tip for you to purchase bed sheets is that pay attention to the thread count. The more the thread count, the comfier and more durable the sheet.