Our PROSPER Show Award!

Our PROSPER Show Award!

By Lori Jurans

Our PROSPER Show Award!

Building a new business means being willing to push boundaries and try new things.

This entrepreneurial exploration is both exciting and isolating as we charge into uncharted territory. However, industry conferences and conventions can feel so empowering! To network with industry insiders and leaders and to share ideas amongst one another can feel like the very validation you need to invest in your next move.

I believe that is why the award we recently received at the PROSPER Show in Salt Lake City, Utah felt so rewarding. It stands as validation that our efforts are worthy, and that we are building something worth recognition. We are truly grateful to be honored as one of only ten companies recognized as a 2016 PROSPER Award Winner!

So, what is the PROSPER SHOW?

“The PROSPER Show leadership team celebrates young companies that are running efficient, profitable businesses on Amazon, while also embracing the operational foundation at least partly supported by the use of solution providers and outsourcing of major processes of their Amazon businesses.” -- #PROSPER16

There were 8 key criteria that had to be met to receive this reward. The criteria we are most proud of is that we had to have a minimum of 98% positive customer feedback in the past 12 months and a Seller Rating on Amazon of at least 98% in the past 12 months. We have achieved these two criteria by consistently choosing to do what is right for our customer and striving constantly to make the customer experience outstanding.

Thank you all for believing in us! This website is an important new step for our company as we expand on our successes on Amazon. We promise to keep working hard to bring you the very best new designs and products and to provide the absolute best customer experience possible. Let’s keep building!